Shipping made simple.

Quicargo connects businesses to trucks with empty space in real-time.

Fast & Easy

Book your shipment with a few clicks and track your cargo in real-time.

Save Costs

Save up to 30% on you next delivery by using empty capacity nearby.

Guaranteed Delivery

Guaranteed transport from our network of insured and qualified carriers. 


How it works


Quicargo provides an online marketplace for shippers & carriers
to benefit from unutilized truck loading spaces.




Save up to 30% on freight costs!
Locate a reliable carrier, anytime, for a great price.


Book your shipment


Receive instant & attractive prices

Confirm your delivery 


Track your cargo


Receive online proof of delivery



  • “With Quicargo we save a lot of time and money, we ship pallets very easy, quick and against attractive rates. We provide a better service to our clients because of Quicargo.”
    Shipper, Reinier Reumer, VIM
  • “Quick, clear, insightful and works smoothly. The incoming notifications are very handy. The interface is intuitive.”
    Carriers, Michael van Noorloos, DGL
  • “Ideal tool for our planners! Easy to use, quick handling of shipments, saving costs. Quicargo helps to organise our ad-hoc shipments efficiently.”
    Shipper, Jos Knulst, doosopmaat
  • “Optimize our loading space leading to less empty runs. The interface is very user-friendly and brings the shipper and carrier closer to one another. Both parties benefit from using Quicargo!”
    Carriers, Yorden Greuter, Greuter
  • “User friendly and simple! the customer service is always available and good!”.
    Carriers, Sander Knoben, HCL
  • “Ideal solution! with the great service of the team we successfully ship a lot of pallets on a weekly basis!! Sharp rates and fulfil all the given requirements. We started working with Quicargo and couldn’t do without them anymore.”
    Shipper, Jeffrey Mesker, MoreStorge


No more empty runs!
Maximize loading space and increase profitability.


Maximize Truck Load


Increase Income

New Clientele


Digital Documentation


Guaranteed Expedite Payment



  • “Quicargo matches shippers and carriers to end the profit-sucking, gas-guzzling phenomenon of empty return trips in ground cargo transport”.
  • “The vision is to take the empty spaces in the world and try to find them in an automatic way using different technologies and sources”.
  • “Quicargo brings the digital age to the freight industry by connecting shippers and local carriers through an advanced technological platform”.
  • “What if we could change something with the trucking industry that not only lowers air pollution and traffic congestion, but also makes transporting goods more efficient and cost-effective? Well it turns out we can.
    Say hello to Quicargo”.

Access Quicargo Platform  Anywhere • Anytime


Access Quicargo Platform  Anywhere Anytime


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